Ep. 31 Fueling Athletes Playing Multiple Summer Sports

Season #1

In this episode of The Sports Nutrition Playbook, we dive into the essential strategies for fueling athletes who play multiple summer sports. Amy starts by emphasizing the importance of hydration, especially in the summer heat, and discusses the effects of dehydration on performance and health. Next, she addresses the challenge of fueling when athletes aren't hungry, exploring reasons for appetite changes and providing strategies like small, frequent meals, easy-to-digest foods, and nutrient-dense options. She highlights the importance of nutrient-dense snacks, offering practical snack ideas and preparation tips to ensure athletes maintain energy levels throughout the day. Finally, Amy covers nutrient timing, detailing pre-activity, during activity, and post-activity nutrition to optimize performance and recovery.

Tune in for a comprehensive guide to keeping young athletes fueled and hydrated all summer long!

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