The Sports Nutrition Playbook Program

The Sports Nutrition Playbook Program, designed by Sports Dietitian Amy Goodson, is a premier, comprehensive web platform and app-based sports nutrition program tailored specifically for colleges and club sports teams. It addresses a common deficiency in many existing athletics programs by offering top-tier sports nutrition education and services to athletes. In addition, the program satisfies the nutrition mandate outlined in the
Holistic Student-Athlete Benefits Model, required for all DI schools starting in August 2024.

Our primary objective is to simplify and enhance the process of fueling and educating athletes, bridging the gap between their nutritional needs and the resources available to meet them. With a focus on accessibility and convenience, we strive to empower athletes to optimize their performance and recovery through informed nutrition choices and support services provided through our one-of-a-kind program.


Sports Nutrition Education

The Sports Nutrition Playbook Program offers concise sports nutrition education videos for athletes, delivering quick and user-friendly information along with fueling tips and strategies. With a library of over 20 topics, athletes can access top-tier sports nutrition education right from their devices. The on-demand team presentation videos are crafted to emulate the experience of having a sports dietitian address the team. In under 30 minutes, coaches can enlighten athletes on effective fueling and hydration techniques for optimal performance. 

Additionally, the program features 150 bite-sized tips tailored for social media sharing, direct messaging from coaches or team staff, and push notifications within The Sports Nutrition Playbook Program app. Each tip imparts athletes with the essential knowledge to fuel and hydrate their bodies effectively in a simple and convenient manner.

Meal Plans and Fact Sheets

The Sports Nutrition Playbook Program equips athletes and coaches with over 30 sports nutrition fact sheets, covering everything from
pre- and post-fueling to hydration strategies to healthy weight gain to eating on-the-go and more!
 With this comprehensive resource, athletes have access to vital nutrition information tailored to their goals and various eating situations, ensuring they can fuel their bodies effectively for peak performance.

The program also encompasses pre-designed meal plans tailored to different calorie ranges, along with meal and snack charts, and fueling schedules. Each component is crafted to assist athletes in structuring their nutrition regimen in a manner that is both simple and convenient for their individual needs.

Dining Hall Fueling Guide

The Dining Hall Fueling Guide is a comprehensive resource designed to support athletes in optimizing their nutrition for peak performance. Offering a wealth of information on balanced meal options, menu standards, portion sizes, and nutrient timing, this guide empowers athletes to make informed choices that fuel their training and recovery.

By championing healthy eating habits personalized to each athlete's unique requirements, the Dining Hall Fueling Guide plays a pivotal role in ensuring that athletes are not only well-informed, but also well-fueled to tackle the demands of their sport head-on. With this guide as their companion, athletes can harness the power of nutrition to fuel their bodies optimally, helping them to not only excel in their athletic pursuits but also to realize their full potential on and off the field.

Coach and Staff Resources

The Sports Nutrition Playbook Program offers a comprehensive game day and travel meal planning guide, empowering coaches and operations staff to effectively fuel their athletes. ith strategies ranging from pre-game meal planning to grabbing snacks on-the-go to selecting optimal fuel options at restaurants, coaches are equipped to support their athletes in achieving peak performance both on and off the field, court, or course.

The semester calendars are designed to aid coaches and staff in strategizing the optimal implementation of the program according to their team's sport schedule and specific requirements. Each month, the program contact(s) will have the option to have a one-hour Zoom meeting with their assigned sports dietitian for questions and guidance. Additionally, the program provides two continuing education courses tailored for strength coaches and athletic trainers. These courses not only offer the opportunity to earn CEUs, but also equip the performance staff with essential sports nutrition education to better assist the athletes under their care.

Program App

The Sports Nutrition Playbook Program is accessible through a dedicated mobile application, ensuring that sports nutrition resources are readily available to athletes regardless of their location or schedule.
This user-friendly app grants athletes the flexibility to access valuable nutritional guidance whenever they need it, right at their fingertips. Whether they're on the road, at home, or in the gym, athletes can conveniently tap into a wealth of information and support to optimize their dietary habits and enhance their performance.

The app includes a chat feature that enables student athletes to connect directly with a sports dietitian, offering them a valuable opportunity to seek guidance and clarification on nutrition-related inquiries. With this feature, athletes can ask questions pertaining to their dietary needs, performance goals, or any concerns they may have, knowing that they'll receive a personalized response from a professional within 48 hours. This interactive platform fosters a supportive environment where athletes can gain knowledge, make informed choices, and optimize their nutritional strategies for peak performance.

One-on-One Athlete Coaching

The Sports Nutrition Playbook Program provides personalized
one-on-one coaching sessions for athletes, covered by their primary insurance. By opting for our program, athletic programs can bypass the complexities and costs typically associated with traditional individual consulting services and billing procedures. Our streamlined approach ensures that athletes receive comprehensive nutritional support tailored to their individual needs, without the hassle of navigating insurance issues or hefty expenses. With our program, athletes can focus on maximizing their performance while enjoying the convenience and affordability of accessible coaching services.

Our team will collaborate with the athletics department to establish a streamlined protocol for managing denied claims and addressing billing issues, alleviating the administrative burden on the sports medicine team. By implementing this protocol, we aim to reduce paperwork and administrative tasks, enabling the sports medicine team to dedicate more time and resources to directly supporting athletes' health and
well-being. Through this coordinated effort, we can enhance efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that more athletes receive the assistance they need in a timely manner, with minimal bureaucratic obstacles.

About the Program Creator

Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD is a registered dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She has worked with the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, TCU Athletics, Ben Hogan Sports Medicine, FC Dallas Soccer, the NBA G League, the Alliance of American Football League, many PGA Tour players, as well as with thousands of middle school, high school, and endurance athletes. She has consulted with numerous small collegiate sports programs and is the creator of a free sports nutrition program for high schools, the Sports Nutrition Game Plan, and is the author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook, a play-by-play on sports nutrition for athletes, parents, coaches, and trainers. Amy is also the
co-author of 
Swim, Bike, Run, Eat and nutrition contributor to retired NFL Player Donald Driver’s book, The 3-D Body Revolution. With her business, The Sports Nutrition Playbook, her goal is to expand sports nutrition services to all athletes, no matter the level of play.

The Sports Nutrition Playbook Program


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