Ep. 30 The Importance of Summer Training Programs for Youth Athletes

Season #1

In this episode, host Amy Goodson sits down with Dylan Stubbe, a seasoned strength coach at Performance Course, to discuss the significance of summer strength and conditioning programs for youth and teen athletes. They delve into why these programs are essential for young athletes' development and how they lay a strong foundation for athletic performance and injury prevention.

Dylan shares insights on the key training components that Performance Course emphasizes during their summer programs, focusing on building strength, agility, and endurance to ensure athletes are well-prepared for their sports. Dylan offers advice on balancing intense training with adequate rest, particularly for teens who stay active with individual coaching sessions, biking, swimming, and playing pick-up games with friends. Amy and Dylan discuss the signs and symptoms of overtraining that parents and coaches should watch for and debate whether athletes should train over summer vacations or take the time to rest and recover.

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