Ep 28 How to Stay Mentally Sharp in the Off-Season

Season #1

In this episode of The Sports Nutrition Playbook, host Amy engages in a deep conversation with guest Chelsea Burks about the vital task of maintaining mental sharpness during the off-season. They delve into the multifaceted challenges athletes encounter in preserving cognitive acuity when the regular season winds down. Exploring the various techniques and skills athletes can employ to stay mentally sharp during periods of downtime. From mindfulness practices to visualization exercises, Amy and Chelsea offer practical strategies to help athletes navigate the off-season with intentionality and focus.

This episode equips listeners with the tools to cultivate enduring mental resilience and sharpness, not only in the off-season but throughout their journey of personal growth and excellence.

The website mentioned during the episode: https://appliedsportpsych.org/certification/cmpc-directory/

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