Ep. 24 Navigating NIL Money with young athletes with Financial Footwork and Coach Hill

Season #1

In this episode, Amy is joined by Hillary Seiler who sheds light on her mission to educate college and professional athletes about managing the money they earn from sports.

With the recent changes allowing high school athletes to earn NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) money in over 30 states, Hillary discusses crucial considerations for parents faced with this newfound opportunity. From understanding the legal implications to guiding their young athletes in making responsible financial choices.

In closing, Hillary offers her best advice for parents and athletes facing the allure of earning money in sports, emphasizing the importance of seeking professional guidance, understanding contracts, and prioritizing long-term financial health over short-term gains.

To learn more about Hillary Seiler and her work, visit her website at www.financialfootwork.com or reach out to her directly via email at [email protected].

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