Ep. 22 Fueling the Baseball Athlete with Baseball Coach Jim Schlossnagle

Season #1

In this episode, we delve into the vital role of sports nutrition in baseball with renowned baseball coach, Jim Schlossnagle, as he shares his journey and insights.

Coach Schlossnagle elaborates on the transformative impact of focusing on nutrition, highlighting improved performance and overall player well-being. He discusses the top benefits of sports nutrition for baseball athletes of all ages, emphasizing the importance of proper fueling for peak performance.

Reflecting on his experience coaching numerous baseball players, Coach Schlossnagle identifies common nutritional mistakes players make and offers invaluable advice for parents of middle and high school athletes. He underscores the significance of making nutrition a priority from a young age and provides practical tips for young baseball players to optimize their strength and performance through proper nutrition.

Join us as Coach Schlossnagle and Amy Goodson share their expertise, empowering players and parents alike to harness the power of sports nutrition for success on and off the field.

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