Ep. 21 Five Musts to Fuel Tournament Season

Season #1

In this episode of The Sports Nutrition Playbook, Amy breaks down the vital components of fueling young athletes during tournament seasons, providing a comprehensive guide for optimal performance. Tournaments demand a strategic approach to nutrition and hydration to ensure athletes remain at their peak, especially during critical final games or matches.

The episode emphasizes the importance of pre-tournament planning, urging athletes and their support teams to start fueling days before the competition. Carbohydrate loading takes center stage as the next topic, elucidating its significance for replenishing glycogen stores in athletes engaged in prolonged activities. Amy provides a practical breakdown of what carbohydrate loading entails, when to start, and the ideal distribution of carbohydrate intake leading up to the tournament.

The importance of a well-rounded breakfast on tournament days is the next focus, emphasizing the need for carbohydrates, moderate protein, and adequate fluids. Amy offers practical tips for athletes, including choosing hotels with full breakfast options or packing portable breakfast foods. Post-game nutrition becomes a central theme, highlighting its role in both recovery and pre-game fueling during tournaments with limited breaks between games.

The episode concludes with a hyper-focus on hydration, stressing the impact of even a 2% dehydration level on performance. Tune in for expert advice on mastering tournament nutrition and ensuring young athletes perform at their best when it matters most.

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