Ep. 17 Hydration for Cold Weather

Season #1

In this episode, Amy shares her expert tips on staying adequately hydrated during cold-weather training. As temperatures drop, athletes face unique challenges in maintaining optimal fluid balance. Amy guides you through the essential pre-, during, and post-training hydration strategies that can significantly impact your performance and recovery.

Discover the science behind cold-weather hydration and learn how to overcome the common misconceptions that athletes often face in chilly conditions. Amy breaks down practical and actionable steps to ensure you're adequately prepared before hitting the training ground, stay fueled and hydrated during the workout, and kickstart the recovery process afterward.

From debunking myths to providing evidence-based advice, Amy Goodson empowers athletes to navigate the winter training season confidently. Don't miss this episode packed with valuable insights that will revolutionize how you approach hydration in cold weather, ultimately enhancing your athletic performance and well-being. 

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