Ep. 16 Supplements and Performance Enhancing Drugs with Tavis Piattoly

Season #1

Join us in this episode as we explore the world of supplements and performance-enhancing drugs with Registered Dietitian Tavis Piattoly. Uncover the challenges young athletes face in their pursuit of excellence, from the allure of supplements to the risks associated with performance-enhancing drugs. Tavis shares insights into why athletes often turn to these shortcuts and provides expert advice on the nuanced question of supplements for high school athletes, including the much-debated topic of creatine for those under 18.

In the second part, our discussion shifts to parents, coaches, and athletic trainers. Learn how to effectively educate young athletes about the potential dangers of shortcuts to success and gain practical tips for healthy weight and strength gain. Discover the impactful role played by the Taylor Hooton Foundation in promoting awareness and education, offering resources to empower individuals in the youth sports community to make informed choices for a sustainable and successful athletic journey. 

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