Ep. 10 - Fueling Endurance Athletes with Sports Dietitian Lauren Thomas

Season #1

In this power-packed episode of the Sports Nutrition Playbook Podcast, Amy sits down with sports dietitian and endurance athlete, Lauren Thomas. Get ready to dive into the ultimate guide on properly fueling your body for marathons and other endurance sports. Lauren brings a unique blend of expertise to the table, with a background in sports dietetics and first-hand experience as an endurance athlete.

Hydration takes center stage as Lauren and Amy break down the science behind staying adequately hydrated during those long training sessions and grueling races. Pre-training fueling can make or break your endurance workout. Lauren shares her insights on the right balance of nutrients to kickstart your training sessions and ensure you're firing on all cylinders. Post-training fueling and recovery strategies are equally essential. Amy and Lauren dive deep into the foods and nutrients that aid in quick recovery and muscle repair after those energy-draining training sessions.

But that's not all! Stay tuned for an exciting announcement. Lauren spills the beans on the upcoming marathon training program, set to kick off on September 6th. Led by none other than Lauren herself, this program is tailor-made to prepare athletes for November and December races. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a newcomer, this training program is your ticket to conquering those upcoming challenges.

Tune in to this episode for expert insights, practical tips, and an exclusive preview of the marathon training program that could make all the difference in your next race. Don't miss out on this episode of the Sports Nutrition Playbook Podcast, your trusted source for all things sports nutrition!

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