Ep. 8 - Keeping Youth Athletes Safe with Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Shane Miller

Season #1

In this episode, we dive into important considerations for youth athletes, their parents, and coaches as they gear up for a new sports season. Our guest, sports medicine physician Dr. Shane Miller, an expert in the field, shares insights on preparing young athletes to prevent injury. As pre-season physicals and fitness tests approach, we discuss recommendations for parents and coaches to ensure optimal preparation. Additionally, we explore preventive measures that youth athletes can take to reduce the risk of injuries as they return to fall sport practices. We delve into the topic of concussions, examining ways to minimize the chances of experiencing one. We also address the signs and symptoms parents should look out for if they suspect their child has sustained a minor, undiagnosed concussion. While recognizing that return-to-play guidelines vary, we provide general recommendations to facilitate a safe comeback. Finally, Dr. Miller offers his best tips for parents, athletes, and coaches as they embark on a new school and sports year, promoting a positive and successful experience. Tune in to gain valuable insights for a safe and rewarding athletic journey. You can learn more about Dr. Shane Miller at: https://scottishriteforchildren.org/staff/our-experts/shane-m-miller View the resources he mentioned at: https://healthychildren.org/English/healthy-living/sports/Pages/default.aspx