Ep. 6 - Powering Strength and Conditioning with Strength Coach Missy Mitchell-McBeth

Season #1

As summer comes to an end and sports practices resume, it's essential for athletes and coaches to prioritize safety in the weight room. In this episode, I am joined by Strength and Conditioning Coach, Missy Mitchell-McBeth, to discuss important tips and precautions for athletes and coaches to follow as they return to training after periods of rest or intense activity. We'll also explore the significance of rest and the benefits of year-round strength and conditioning programs for young athletes. Additionally, we'll touch upon post-injury considerations and the importance of investing in education for coaches in the areas of nutrition and strength training. Connect with Amy Goodson on Instagram (amyg.rd) or thesportsnutritionplaybook.com. Connect with Missy Mitchell-McBeth on Twitter @missEmitche11 You can view Missy's services at Safeirontraining.com and theconditioningproject.com