Ep. 4 - Managing Heat, Humidity, and Hydration with Athletic Trainer Valerie Hairston

Season #1 Episode #4

In this episode of The Sports Nutrition Playbook podcast, Sports Dietitian Amy Goodson is joined by Athletic Trainer Valerie Tinklepaugh-Hairston to talk about hydration as we enter the Summer season. 

Valerie and Amy discuss the importance and most significant issues regarding hydration with youth athletes. Val recommends resources such as The Korey Stringer Institute that athletes, parents, coaches, and trainers can utilize to ensure youth athletes avoid dehydration and what point they should avoid workouts in the summer heat and humidity. Next, they review the signs and symptoms of heat illness and what you can do at home or when you should seek medical attention. Val and Amy then consider why an athlete should hydrate with more than water.

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