$99.00 USD

Client Handouts Starter Set

The Client Handouts Starter Set contains 10 graphically designed sports nutrition client handouts. Skip the stress of making your own handouts with ready-to-use sports nutrition education materials designed by Sports Dietitian Amy Goodson. Start educating your athletes and clients today by simply adding your logo!
Client Handouts Starter Set includes:
  • Fueling Training and Recovery
    • Early Morning Fueling for Training and Competitions
    • Pre-Workout and Competition Fueling
    • During-Workout and Competition Fueling
    • Post-Workout and Competition Fueling
    • 2-a-day Workout Fueling Schedule
    • Morning Workout Fueling Schedule
    • Afternoon Workout Fueling Schedule
    • Game Day Fueling Schedule
    • Hydration for Optimal Performance
    • Signs of Dehydration

  • Instructions for Client Handouts