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The Sports Nutrition Playbook for Professionals Starter Kit

The Sports Nutrition Playbook for Professionals Starter Kit is designed for RDs looking to launch a program, side hustle, or business. Skip the stress of making your own content with ready-to-use sports nutrition education materials designed by Sports Dietitian Amy Goodson. Simply add your logo and start educating your athletes and clients!
The Starter Kit contains:
  • A ready-to-use Fueling Training, Performance, and Recovery presentation on two different templates, one for male and female sports

  • 18 graphically designed sports nutrition client handouts 
    • Sports Nutrition Basics
      • Macronutrients
      • Protein Timing

    • Fueling Training and Recovery
      • Early Morning Fueling for Training and Competitions
      • Pre-Workout and Competition Fueling
      • During-Workout and Competition Fueling
      • Post-Workout and Competition Fueling
      • 2-a-day Workout Fueling Schedule
      • Morning Workout Fueling Schedule
      • Afternoon Workout Fueling Schedule
      • Game Day Fueling Schedule
      • Hydration for Optimal Performance
      • Signs of Dehydration

    • Pre-Game Meal Planning
      • How to Build a Pre-Game Meal
      • Planning Pre-game Meals On-the-Go
      • General Food Safety Guidelines

    • Sports Nutrition On-the-Go
      • Eating On-the-Go Strategies
      • Gym Bag Goodies
      • Travel Meals and Snacks
  • Instructions for Client Handouts

  • Amy's book, The Sports Nutrition Playbook, hard copy and digital download*

*If the address you want the physical book mailed to is different than the one associated with your credit card, please forward your confirmation email and the correct mailing address to [email protected]